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Your Marketing Team

Victoria Sowerby

Victoria Sowerby

Marketing Manager

For Victoria, it’s all about problem solving – knowing how to analyse markets, then craft the strategy to make client goals a reality. Add a decade of global experience, plus a  talent for creative solutions and you’ve got Immersion’s newest addition.

A background in product management, communications and web development for international leaders like 3M and Dentsply, means Victoria is grounded in the full spectrum of marketing disciplines. Bringing it all together in Dunedin, she’s comfortable helping to shape campaigns and setting outcomes, while keeping everyone on the same page as she manages the project from flying start to extraordinary finish. Whether it’s web and social media wrangling, product launching or just keeping every element of a campaign moving forward, she’s got it covered.

Hailing from Surrey, travel has always been one of Victoria’s greatest pleasures. She’s taking the chance to explore New Zealand, enjoying the odd glass of wine, cooking more than a few amazing meals and pushing her running ahead.

"The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare"
- Juma Ikangaa