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Annual Report Refresh - Otago Medical Research Foundation

Otago Medical Research Foundation


The Otago Medical Research Foundation produces an annual report. The report is the primary marketing tool for their Director of Development, and as such is a key piece of collateral. With a tired and dated publication, the Foundation was in need of a refreshed publication to do the organisation justice.


Immersion set about recreating the annual publication in way that would convey the Foundation’s remarkable research in an engaging way. The team also set about redesigning and modernising the look and feel of the publication to attract more interest.


To create a more engaging publication, the contents were reorganised, and interesting research summaries were fleshed out into interesting, easy to read articles. The whole design was transformed, with more colours, imagery and iconography added, so there was more ‘at a glance’ appeal.


The overall result was fresh and eye-catching, while still maintaining the Foundation’s professional and academic ethos. The appeal of the publication has been enhanced, enabling the Foundation to distribute the publication through greater channels.


Feedback has been superb – with many remarks of how engaging the new publication is, and there is a greater interest in the publications research. It is also serving as a great business tool and collateral for the Foundation.


Sarah Ramsay, Victoria Sowerby, Melissa Cottle