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Brand Development - Fine Fare Kitchen

Fine Fare Kitchen


Approached by Wayne Cameron in 2014 with a concept for a takeaway restaurant in Christchurch, Immersion’s journey with Wayne at Fine Fare Kitchen began right from the get-go. Immersion worked with Wayne to understand the identity he envisioned for his brand, and his overarching business goals. Existing consumer research was reviewed by Immersion and a competitor analysis undertaken to gain comprehensive insight.


After a comprehensive ‘brand storming’ session with Wayne, Immersion presented a number of concepts and rationales for proposed names.


With a clear brand personality identified, the name ‘Fine Fare Kitchen’ emerged as victor, and from there, the logo and other aspects of the brand were comprehensively developed. The creative positioning 'Slow Food. Fast' was also developed by Immersion, and has become a fundamental element of the Fine Fare Kitchen.


The Fine Fare Kitchen branding was rolled out across different mediums by Wayne, such as signage, restaurant stationery and Fine Fare Kitchen’s social media presence. Immersion also developed and delivered a website, encompassing the brand personality and specialised imagery.


Wayne opened the doors to Fine Fare Kitchen on June 22nd. The brand’s identity and elements that were developed display the uniqueness that is Fine Fare Kitchen, and as word continues to spread, Fine Fare Kitchen is growing in leaps and bounds.


Sarah Ramsay, Andy Gilmore, Sarah Jones, Laura Tatton