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Brand Refresh - Property Managers Group

Property Managers Group


Property Managers Group approached Immersion in 2015 looking to develop new branding for their business. Already recognized as New Zealand’s most established syndication company, PMG were looking to position themselves as the country’s leading boutique service property group. Through work-shopping with the team at PMG, Immersion was able to pinpoint their target markets, carry out a competitor analysis and also understand the environment in which the business operates.


For PMG, Immersion identified the value proposition to be “We’re Invested”. Not only did this encapsulate the financial investments of the business but also the dedication and commitment the Property Managers team have for their business. This proposition was reflected across the key positioning strategies for the organisation, for example “We’re invested too”. This helps to build trust amongst clients by demonstrating the PMG team are invested in the same opportunities they offer to their clients.


As part of the positioning strategy Immersion made some strategic brand recommendations. These included consolidating the sub brands the company had and presenting them concisely under the logo “Investment – Management – Body Corporate”. Immersion then developed a collection of brad assets to ensure the Property Managers Group was communicated consistently across all collateral.


The brand refresh for Property Managers Group delivered brand assets, including a new logo and secondary graphics. Immersion worked to revitalise the website with the new creative designs that encompassed the clearer divisions of the company, as well as copy reflecting the key positioning strategies to the identified target markets. Immersion continues to work with PMG to ensure all collateral is delivered in line with the brand re-positioning.


Immersion continues to provide comprehensive support to the Property Managers Group with marketing strategy while ensuring PMG’s goals are being monitored and achieved. The connection with Property Managers Group is ongoing with the Chief Executive, Scott McKenzie, commenting “Immersion have invested the time to thoroughly understand our business and delivers excellent service, insight and compelling solutions on all tasks.”


Sarah Ramsay, Victoria Sowerby.