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Website Refresh - TracMap



Need to increase search visibility globally for industries outside of NZ agriculture, and position the company away from overt agriculture focus.


Development of four micro-sites by industry. Each with relevant targeted messaging and content, as well as search engine optimisation for both key industry search terms and geographic targeting.


Continuation of the flexible TracMap branding, with the development of one overarching layout and style, with tailored artwork application for each industry landing page.


Immersion was responsible for overall project management, art direction, content development and copywriting, SEO integration and loading of the website. As well as post launch advertising and direct marketing communications for the site, We also proactively maintain content, search engine optimisation and performance reporting.


Immersions redevelopment of the TracMap site into the four dedicated micro-sites saw massive increases in web traffic. Visits to the industry specific landing pages increased by between 1000% and 9000%.


Sarah Ramsay, Andy Gilmore, Blair Hughson